Wedding Dress Cleaned

Your weddingdress in trusted hands. Since 1957.

Bruidsjurk stomen

Meinen Stomerij & Wasserij is the eminently specialist for dry cleaning wedding dresses. Due to our decades of experience our results are astonishing.

A wedding usually starts with a pure white gown and ends with a dress full of stains. Thanks to photoshoots in the forest or the party in the evenening, the bottum of the wedding dress is now pretty much brown. Meinen Stomerij & Wasserij pre-treats your precious wedding dress by hand and cleans strictly environment-friendly.

Take a look at one of our pre-treating steps:

Altijd al eens willen weten hoe wij een bruidsjapon voorbehandelen? Omdat bruidsjaponnen altijd bijzonder vuil zijn aan de onderkant, gaan we de vlekken eerst met de hand te lijf. Vervolgens wordt de jurk gereinigd en daarna gestreken.

Geplaatst door Stomerij & Wasserij Meinen op Woensdag 9 januari 2019
Exeptionally difficult stains have to be pre-treated.


How much will it cost to clean a wedding dress at Meinen Stomerij & Wasserij?

The price varies between our store in Meppel and our Pick-Up-Points. Check our pricelist for current prices.

How long will it take till my wedding dress is ready for pick up?

Normally it will take about three to four weeks. You will get a notification from us when your wedding dress is ready.

Can Meinen Stomerij & Wasserij clean every sort of wedding dress?

Absolutely. Meinen Stomerij & Wasserij has all the equipment required for a perfect result. So wether your wedding dress is made of polyester or silk: our specialists know exactly how to create an astonishing clean result.

bruidsjurk stomen

The wedding suit matters as well

Of course everyone thinks about the dress when wedding clothes are mentioned. Though the wedding suit needs special treatment after the wedding as well. That is why you choose the dry cleaner with over 60 years experience: Meinen Stomerij & Wasserij. (Photo: our partner Suits and Ties)